There’s nothing more frustrating than having the locks on your doors break. It feels like your home isn’t safe, making you feel vulnerable, which is never good. The best way to avoid this is to invest in high-quality locks that will last for years and provide you with peace of mind.

If you’re not sure where to start, our team at Assist Locks have put together a list of our top picks for the best locks available today! Having offered professional locksmith services for several years, we are confident that our Master Approved Locksmith can offer you some wisdom and guidance. 

If you are looking for the best locks to put on your doors, this is the blog post that will help you. Here, I will discuss three different types of locks and what they offer in terms of security.

Take a look! If you have any questions afterwards, be sure to get in touch, we are always more than happy to answer your questions or queries. Keep reading to find out more about the best door locks for your home.

Smart Door Locks

Technology is taking the world by storm, and this includes the locksmith industry, more and more locks are becoming smart locks; they are the latest craze. Technology has developed continuously for several years now, with that in mind we have to say, we love all the new smart locks, they are incredible at protecting you and your home! 

The best part about having a smart lock fitted is that you won’t need to carry a key around; depending on the make and model you choose, you will choose a key fob, code, or an app on your phone. 

One thing to consider when choosing a smart lock for your front door is that most of them connect to the wifi, meaning if your wifi goes off, you may need to have a backup in place. An advantage that comes hand in hand with using a smart lock is letting people in from the comfort of your sofa.

Electric Door Locks

If you like the idea of having a smart lock but aren’t confident in having it linked to your wifi and phone, why not consider an electric door lock? An electric lock is simple, all you would need is to add a code to the keypad, and you will be granted access; with this option, you don’t need to carry a key at all; this is because the door won’t take one.

Some of our clients are wary of smart locks, which is understandable, not everyone loves the advancements technology is making, that is why we would also recommend these electric locks. They still have the power of a smart lock, but with the benefits of not being remote or virtual on your phone.

 The positives about electric locks are that you can give the code to family and friends and change the code should you need to, as well as that they can be easy to install, but we always recommend using a fully registered and insured locksmith.

Door Knob Locks

One of the most popular options for door locks is the doorknob lock; they are easy to fit and inexpensive to maintain and use daily. One of the cheaper options on the market, they offer an incredibly secure solution and come in a range of styles, finishes, colours and designs, so they are perfect for every kind of front door on the market.

When it comes to keyless doorknob locks, they work by simply pushing a button on the lock, more often than not you will find them on internal doors within your home rather than your front door, but we still wanted to highlight this style as they are a great option.

Entry Door Levers

Door lever locks are the best alternative to a doorknob if you prefer something else; they are easy to operate and are regulated by disability charities. Offering a short handle, you can more than likely fit it yourself, although we always recommend using a professional, as we have said previously. 

When it comes to cost, these will put you out of pocket a little more than the primary knob door lock, but it won’t cost you a great deal of money; it is still a relatively cheap option.

The only thing you will need to pair with this door lock is a key, perfect for everyone and every door. You can buy the entry door lever door lock in various styles and finishes, perfect for every home. Whether you want a box style or an elaborate curved design, there will be an option for you.

How To Prepare For An Emergency Locksmith Visit Emergency locksmith visits are not uncommon. If you are able, it is best to have an emergency set of keys handy if you need this service. You can also prepare by storing a list of each member of your family with their contact information, including the emergency contact for your landlord. It's essential to leave one copy, with your emergency contact, at home so they'll know who to call if you're incapacitated or unreachable. The Issue With Using A Locksmith Some serious issues can arise when individuals rely on these services for too many emergencies. For example, most households have at least three different locks—the door locks, the back door lock, and the window lock (or some other variation). If a locksmith is called every time someone gets locked out, this can get very expensive. It might be wiser to call a friend or family member for help in some cases instead of spending the extra money on a locksmith. While emergency locksmith services are invaluable in certain situations, it's important to remember that they are not meant to be used for everyday problems. Tips For Choosing A Locksmith When choosing a locksmith, you want to make sure you're picking the best company for the job. There are a few things you can look for when checking out potential locksmiths. 1. Licensing and insurance: Always ask to see proof of licensing and insurance before allowing anyone to work on your locks. This is to protect yourself in case anything goes wrong. A reputable locksmith will be happy to show you proof of both licensing and insurance. 2. Experience: It's essential to choose a locksmith who has a lot of experience in the industry. They'll be more likely to be able to help you with your specific needs. Ask how long they've been in business and what types of locks they are familiar with. You don't want to hire someone who doesn't know how to handle your particular lock emergency. 3. Availability: Make sure the locksmith you choose is available when you need them. You don't want to be stuck waiting for hours on end when you have an emergency! 4. Price: Don't just go with the cheapest locksmith in town. You want to ensure you're getting quality service for a fair price. By following these tips, you can be sure to choose the best locksmith for your needs.

Deadbolt Security

If you are looking for a high-security door lock to make you feel more protected and secure, the deadbolt security lock is the right option for you. When looking at deadbolts, you can choose between single and double deadbolt locks, offering maximum security. Let us explain the difference. 

The single-cylinder deadbolt is a favourite for most modern homes and is the most convenient option because you don’t need to use a key to lock and unlock the door from the inside. Whereas a double cylinder deadbolt needs a key to work on both sides, offering an extra layer of protection and safety. 

If you have a pre-drilled hole for a deadbolt, it is easy to install, but they are more complicated than a doorknob lock; depending on the level of safety you are looking for depends on which one will work best for you. Deadbolts are a great addition to any home, but you should consider whether you need or want one on your front door.

What Is The Best Door Lock?

If you have a composite or UPVC door lock, it’s important to ensure that you have a high-quality lock to keep your property secure. One of the best options for these types of locks is a 3-star euro cylinder. These locks are designed to be highly secure and resistant to picking, drilling, and other common forced entry methods.

What Is The Best Door Lock Brand

Several reputable lock brands offer 3-star euro cylinders, including ABS, Yale, Mult-T-Lock, ATK, Avocet, and ERA. These are all British standard locks, meaning they have been tested and certified to meet strict security standards set by the British Standards Institution.

What Are The Best Front Door Locks?

Yale Superior and Yale Platinum are two great options to consider of the recommended lock brands. These locks have been rigorously tested to ensure their reliability and strength, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their door locks.

Overall, investing in a high-quality 3-star euro cylinder lock is smart if you want to secure your home or business. With a reputable lock brand like those mentioned above, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected against intruders.

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are one of the most secure types of locks available in the UK. They are fitted inside the door and require a key to operate. They come in various sizes and strengths, with 5-lever locks being the most common for external doors. Mortice locks are recommended by the police and insurance companies as they offer high levels of security.

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3 * Euro cylinder or British Standard BS361 Mortice Locks

A British Standard approved lock or Sold Secure approved lock.

ABS, Union/Chubb and Mul-T-Lock

BS 3621, British Standard Kitemarked or Safe Secure rate locks.
ABS and Mul-T-Lock

British standard Kitemark locks.

A locksmith can open most locks with the correct tools without drilling. A locksmith can open all locks.
Cam mailbox locks and low security locks.
Mortice, Euro cylinder, Rim Locks and Cam locks
Mortice locks or RIM Locks
Is a lock that has 5 levers inside it with a deadlocking bolt.
Is a lock that is more difficult to pick and has a deadlock and 5 key levers inside it.