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The Master Locksmith Association is a platform that allows clients to search a database of registered and recommended locksmiths across the country. Joining the MLA means that our team is recognised as MLA approved locksmiths, Isleworth. Search Assist Locks on the MLA site here.

 What Is The MLA?

As there is no formal licensing for locksmiths, The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) was founded in 1958, with a major restructure in 1994, the Master Locksmith Association became what we know today, a worldwide  non profit organisation membership. This was done to allow for skill sets to be monitored, and ensure locksmiths up and down the county and across the world were held accountable for the work they carry out. Assist locks made the decision to become part of the MLA in 2012, becoming Master Locksmiths in Isleworth. 

The MLA works in the same capacity as checkatrade does, except it is solely focused on locksmiths. By becoming MLA Approved locksmiths in Isleworth, we have made the decision to be accountable for the work we carry out. Assist Locks want to give every client who uses us the confidence that the work will be carried out to a high standard. You can read more about the creation of the MLA here. Why would you choose anyone else when we are master locksmiths in Isleworth, be sure to take a look at the services we offer.

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 Why Use An MLA Registered Locksmith?

As one of the leading locksmiths in Isleworth and further afield it was important that we kept up with demand for high quality locksmiths in the area. The MLA offers a range of memberships to its clients. These are divided into 3 options; Approved company, Personal Memberships and Affiliate Membership – the 3 different choices are for different sectors of the organisation. 

Here at Assist Locks we are part of the “Approved Company” category. This means we are an approved locksmith company who can use the MLA logo and approved company profile on our website. The other 2 options are for new to the industry locksmiths and also suppliers, manufacturers and distributors for the industry. The MLA has a membership for everyone involved in the locksmith processes, ensuring our industry is kept safe from rogue traders. 

 Assist Locks has a full membership with MLA, as an approved company. This means that we are registered with the MLA and have passed all the requirements. Based in Isleworth we keep our locksmith work as professional as possible, offering only the highest quality work, this is one of the reasons we joined the MLA. To be recognised for the hard work we carry out as Isleworth’s number one locksmiths. To get an approved company membership, Assist locks had to pass the following criteria (taken directly from the MLA website); 

  • DBS Check – via Government website or contact us
  • Company Inspection – at the outset and ongoing
  • Experience – must have a locksmith who has passed the MLA Exam


By sitting a Master Locksmith Association exam, Karen has proven she is highly skilled and has the expertise to carry out any locksmith work you need in Isleworth or further afield in areas such as Richmond, Teddington, Twickenham , Brentford and Whitton. Karen has and continues to work extremely hard to offer all of her clients, joining the MLA was just one step she has taken to offer the highest locksmith services in the area. 

We Are Proud To Be MLA Registered

We all know the issues with hiring trade companies to come and carry out work, there is always the risk of hiring someone who is operating as a rogue trader. These tend to be people working with no insurance, lack of skills and lack of knowledge, here at Assist Locks we provide only the best service possible. By choosing to be part of the MLA, we have allowed ourselves to be held accountable for the work we carry out. The aim is to give peace of mind to all of our clients, and we want you to use us over and over again, should the need arise. 

Karen and our team at Assist Locks have built a reputation that is second to none for locksmiths in Isleworth and surrounding areas, this is one of the main reasons for joining the Master Locksmith Association. Offering a number of services such as; locksmith services, domestic locksmiths, commercial locksmiths, Ultion Key cutting, Ultion locks, door repairs and door lock repairs, we are able to carry out all of these services under the MLA umbrella. Offering all of our clients protection and confidence that we are the best in our area. If you search for locksmiths in Isleworth on the MLA website, we appear first. Our team has worked incredibly hard to keep providing the best locksmith services in the area, we are not sure why you would choose anyone else.

Searching For A Master Association Locksmith?

The Master Locksmith Association gives us here at Assist Locks the opportunity to grow, continue to develop skills and offer all of our clients the confidence that we are the best. If you have been searching for an MLA registered locksmith is Isleworth, be sure to reach out to Assist Locks, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements. We can even answer any questions or queries you might have. Get in touch with us today, click here for our contact details. You will find contact details for both our Isleworth location and Twickenham, but don’t forget we can bring our MLA accredited services to you in Richmond, Teddington and Whitton too. 

Assist Locks are ready and on hand to offer you the best locksmith services in Isleworth, we want to make everything as smooth as possible for all of our clients, so if you wish to contact us without making a call, you can check out our Book Online form. We look forward to hearing from you, let us bring our MLA approved locksmith’s in Isleworth services to you, get in touch with us, we will get you booked in and be with you as soon as possible. For more information on professional locksmiths check out our blog “MLA Registered Locksmiths: Why You Should Choose One“.