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Local Brentford Door Lock Repairs

In Brentford, Assist Locks provides a reliable local door lock repair service. We offer emergency locksmith services the same day thanks to our knowledgeable door lock specialists. We have been fixing and replacing damaged door locks all across Brentford for many years, and we are completely licenced and insured. For doors in Brentford, you could require one of the following locksmith services we offer:-

  • Broken or misplaced door keys
  • Emergencies with locks at home
  • Keys stuck in mortice locks
  • Key duplication or key cutting
  • Repair or replacement of door locks
  • New barrel locks for doors
  • Doors with security locks

Doors That We Repair

There are a lot of doors out there in the world, and you may not even know the type of door that you have. Here at Assist Locks in Brentford,  I am able to repair the following door locks:

UPVC Door Lock Repairs

One of the most popular lock types, UPVC door locks are typically placed on UPVC composite doors. When locked using a front door key, the multipoint locking mechanism locks them all at once.

Double Glazing Door Lock Repairs

Additionally, multipoint locking systems are used on double-glazed doors, which typically have a minimum of three locking points that all lock with the turn of a key.

Conservatory Door Lock Repairs

Multipoint locks are typically used to protect conservatories, giving your property ultimate security. You should be on the lookout for references to 3 point locking systems while speaking about multipoint locking methods so that you can avoid confusion.

Bi-Fold Door Lock Repairs

It’s best to send pictures of the lock in the first place because we can fix several types of Bi-Fold door locks. There are two locking systems that can be used with bi-fold doors: multipoint locks and eight-point locks. One of the aforementioned systems will be present in your bi-fold doors, depending on where you bought them. You can contact our team of local Brentford locksmiths for help if you are unsure of the sort of lock that is on your bi-fold door.

Wooden Door Lock Repairs

Wooden doors tend to have a ‘rim nightlatch’ system, otherwise known as a ‘Yale’ lock, or a mortice deadlock mechanism. There is also something called ‘fringe casing’ that are used when older wooden doors are being fitted, as they are usually much bigger than the standard modern door frame.

Timber Door Lock Repairs

There are a few common lock types that are used on timber doors, and they include mortice locks, nightlatch locks, tubular latch, deadlocks, or sash locks. Sometimes, rebate conversion kits can be needed for door locks and keeps, and must be fitted into ‘rebated’ edges of timber doors. Our team can help you figure out the kind of lock that you have on your timber door.

French Door Lock Repairs

Deadbolt locking mechanisms, either double-sided or one-sided half deadbolt locks, are typically used on French doors. French doors are often more secure than sliding doors, but if they are installed incorrectly, they can be quite simple to break through.

Patio Door Lock Repairs

Top and bottom key operated locks, the most popular type, central rail key operated locks, and multipoint locking systems are all possible lock configurations for patio doors.

Composite Door Lock Repairs

On your home, a composite door will have one of three styles of door locks. Lever locks, split spindle locks, or slam locks are available. Why not give us a call? As Brentford locksmiths, we can fix all varieties of composite door locks.

Aluminium Door Lock Repairs

A euro deadlocking latch and a threaded rim deadlock are only two of the many lock styles that may be used on aluminium doors. Call our experts for aluminium door lock repairs in Brentford if you discover that your aluminium doors locking mechanism is broken.

Bathroom Door Lock Repairs

Mortice locks, deadlocks, deadbolt locks, or “turn and release” locks are the typical locks for bathroom doors. In Brentford, is your bathroom locked or unlocked? If so, our nearby locksmiths can assist you.

Garage Door Lock Repairs

There will be a deadbolt lock, a security room lock, a handle and pin lock, a euro lock, or a handle lock on your garage if you have one. You won’t have to be locked out of your garage for very long because we can repair a variety of garage door locks.

If you want to know more information about the different kinds of door locks that we repair in and around Brentford, please feel free to get in contact with me.

Why Choose Assist Locks For Door Lock Repair?

There are many reasons you might choose Assist Locks for help with your broken door locks and door lock replacement in Brentford. Whether it’s a uPVC door lock repair or your wooden doors that require lock repair or lock upgrades, you can be safe in the knowledge that Assist Locks provide excellent lock services in Brentford. You have come to the right place if you have been looking for a locksmith in Brentford. I am available to offer you the best local services.

I can be of assistance if you’re looking for emergency locksmiths in Brentford, and even though I don’t operate as a 24-hour locksmith, I’ll make sure you’re at the top of my to-do list. I do operate seven days a week and provide a wide range of residential and commercial locksmith services. I am DBS checked, fully insured, and complete City & Guilds certification. I work with all kinds of locks and have the expertise to offer one of the best services in the Brentford region. I also provide coverage for Whitton, Richmond, Isleworth, Teddington, Twickenham, as well as several nearby areas.

Lock Replacement Services In Brentford

Why You Might Change Your Locks

  • You might need to replace your locks due to:
  • You recently moved and want new locks installed for security reasons.
  • Your locks are broken or damaged as a result of a break-in.
  • You’ve misplaced your key and are concerned that someone else might discover it.
  • Your locks appear worn out and dysfunctional.
  • Your insurance provider is unhappy with the types of locks you have.

To find out more about how I can help with replacing your door locks, please get in touch today and I will be happy to help and advise in any way I can.

Brentford Door Lock Repair Services

I am able to carry out emergency door repairs, including fire door repairs, wooden door locks, uPVC door locks, sliding doors, patio doors, composite doors, lock opening, key extraction and much, much more. Whether it’s a home or commercial premises, you will always get the same excellent level of service and professionalism that my customers have become accustomed to.

Professional locksmiths that care about their customers and are fully equipped for all lock repair and replacement issues are hard to find but with Assist Locks, you are always guaranteed a friendly face and a professional service every time.

uPVC Door Locks

uPVC doors require little upkeep, however the latches frequently fail. The door will frequently remain locked if the locks malfunction when they are locked. A locksmith is needed in this case to open the door without causing any damage and fix the issue. It may only require replacing the door cylinder in some cases, whilst in others the entire strip may need to be changed. For these events, I offer a service right on the spot. In order to comply with current insurance laws, I can provide you with an update for the door cylinder should they need it.

I now provide a comprehensive variety of break secure British Standard cylinders because to an upsurge in local break-ins that involve targeting the door cylinder. These are made to withstand attacks of this nature and bar entry when the cylinder has been damaged.

Contact Me Today For Door Lock Repairs Brentford

If you would like more information about the door lock repairs I offer in Brentford, Essex and across the surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will be happy to help in any way I can. Although I do not operate 24 hours a day, I am very knowledgeable about the local area and still available to undertake emergency door lock repairs during my working hours and I am happy to prioritise this kind of work accordingly. Contact me today to find out more.

Door Lock Repair FAQs

You can try to shake the door around, whilst jiggling the key or thumb turn. If you can, take the handle off and there may be an emergency slider that will open the door.

Try to lift the handle up and down a few times, whilst turning the key. If door will not open, it’s best to call a local locksmith, who has tools that can open jammed doors.

Try to lift the handle up and down a few times, whilst turning the key. If door will not open, it’s best to call a local locksmith, who has tools that can open jammed doors.

The lock may be very worn, keys cylinder may have failed and replacement parts may be required.

Anything between £85.00 – £250.00

Yes, there are some garage door repairers that can pull out small dents.

Garage Defender lock, in addition to the standard lock already installed on the garage door.

Yes, the garage door lock can be rekeyed on some handles. Cardale garage doors locks can usually be rekeyed by way of a replacement key cylinder barrel.

Multipoint doors locks can be fixed by either replacing the key cylinder, central gearbox or the entire multipoint lock.

Call a local approved MLA locksmith, who will diagnose the issue with door.

Your door could be misaligned, if it’s a UPVC door, key cylinder may be faulty, Multipoint lock may be faulty. Also, the door could have dropped and the hooks and bolts are unable to engage into the keeps on the door frame. Best to call a qualified locksmith, who will be able to identify the fault.

Screws will be located either on the inside of the door, or on both sides. Ensure that the screws tighten up correctly, so they don’t work themselves loose again.

Constant use can loosen up a Upvc handle and re-tightening the screws on the inside of the door will usually be the best solution. If the screws will not tighten up, the screws may be too long and will need cropping back.

If a door handle has a faulty spring, it’s best to replace with a new lock or latch.

Door handle may be faulty, or the lock or latch that the door handle is operating may need to be replaced.

A conservatory door handle can be removed and replaced by releasing the screws. A replacement handle must have the same dimensions as the original one on the door.

If it’s the cylinder, it’s just a case of releasing the hidden retaining screw with a special tool. The mechanism is far more complicated and will require a trained locksmith to carry this job out.

Yes, a Upvc door lock can be re-aligned and repaired. Hinges, alignment, key cylinder and main mechanism are the items on a Item door that can remedied.

The Patio door might need to be re-aligned in order to close it. Or the main mechanism, handles, or key cylinder may require attention.

Opening a Upvc door with a broken mechanism requires specialist tools and it’s best to call a trained MLA locksmith, to resolve this.

A sliding door that will not lock, could be caused by a blockage, misalignment or the rollers, barrel, faulty mechanism or key cylinder. Fix these issues and the door may close.

Try to raise the rollers on a sliding door that does not open. Check to see that the key cylinder is working correctly and remove it, necessary.

The Upvc door may have an issue with mis-alignment. Or the main mechanism, handles, or key cylinder may require attention, before the Upvc door can be locked.

An extra security lock can be placed on the bottom of the door and a receiving point for the bolt on the security lock would need to be drilled into the door.

The locking mechanism on a Upvc cannot be adjusted. The keeps in the frame will require adjustment, by a special tool.

A broken patio door lock can be fixed by either replacing the main mechanism, replacing the key cylinder or re-aligning a dropped door.

Yes, the lock can be replaced on a Upvc door by a locksmith.

When the lock is broken on a Upvc door and the door is jammed, it would need to be opened by a specialist locksmith with tools that will not damage the door.

The Upvc door lock cannot be realigned. The door and frame keeps can be realigned.

The Upvc door may not lock owing to a faulty mechanism, key cylinder, dropped door, or mis-alignment.

Cost to replace a lock on a Upvc door is between £90-£270

If you don’t have the key to the lock, you will need to pick the lock in order to remove it from the door.

Best way to stop a Upvc door from slamming is to put a door restrictor or install a mechanical door closer.

Install a thicker gasket, toe and heel, or adjust the door hinge to close any gaps on the door.

Adjust the keeps in the frame to fix the misalignment.

WD40 is OK for the main mechanism but not for the key cylinder barrel. It’s best to use graphite in the key cylinder barrel. However, any issues with the key cylinder would normally indicate that a brand new replacement key cylinder is required.

Composite doors are better and they don’t tend to swell so much during hot weather.

A multipoint lock is usually installed into a composite door.

Yes, a silicone based WD40 is OK to use on composite doors, but the lock may require a clean up, before another layer of WD40 is re-applied to the lock.

Usually, the only lock that needs to be replaced on a composite door is the key cylinder barrel. This can be changed by using a special tool and the key to remove the lock from the door and a correctly sized fitting cylinder would need to be used as a replacement.

Yes, composite door can be repaired.

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