Here at Assist Locks, we are constantly helping people with their home security needs, including break-ins. During this process, we see the many different ways in which burglars gain access to a property, and one of the most common techniques is lock snapping. Lock snapping is a method burglars use to gain entry to a property. It involves breaking the cylinder of a euro lock, which is common in most UK homes. This method allows the intruder to manipulate the lock and gain access to your property quickly and easily.

Our locksmiths are seeing this method become increasingly regular in certain areas. So we have decided to create this blog to educate our readers about the dangers of lock snapping and how to combat it.

Anti-Snap Locks

Anti-Snap Locks, The Easiest Solution

Anti-snap locks have been specifically designed to prevent lock snapping and offer improved security for your home or business. These locks are designed specifically to resist this attack and protect your property from burglars who try to use this method. There are different types of anti-snap locks available, including the TS007 and the Sold Secure Diamond standard, which have been rigorously tested and certified to ensure the highest level of security, giving users peace of mind that their properties are safe.

These locks come in different styles and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect one for your doors. These styles include residential and commercial forms, allowing for uPVC single and glass double doors to be equally protected against lock snapping.

Should You Use Anti-Snap Locks For Your Home Or Business?

The answer is a resounding yes. Investing in anti-snap locks is a small price to pay for the peace of mind they will provide. With anti-snap locks installed, you can sleep soundly, knowing your home is protected from the most common break-in method. One of the biggest benefits of anti-snap locks is that they can still be used with the right key after a burglar has tried to gain access, so you won’t be locked out of your home or business after an attempted break-in.

If you are a business owner, you may be tempted to spend a fortune on state-of-the-art security cameras, shutters and other advanced systems to protect your business whilst ignoring the most simple upgrades, even though they can have just as much of an impact. Anti-snap locks are one of these upgrades and should not be overlooked, especially with how cost-effective and hassle-free they are to install.

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Is Lock Snapping A Common Method Used By Criminals?

Yes, lock snapping is a popular method used by burglars due to its ease and effectiveness, as even an amateur burglar can use this technique to gain access to a property. However, with the use of anti-snap locks, you can protect your home from this method of break-in with ease. But just how common exactly is lock-snapping? You may be surprised to hear that an estimated third of all burglaries in the UK involve lock snapping, meaning that it is something that must be considered as a part of a security plan.

Anti-Snap Locks As Part Of Your Security Strategy

Investing in anti-snap locks is an essential step to securing your home. In addition to using anti-snap locks, you can strengthen your doors and windows and consider installing a burglar alarm or CCTV system. By taking these measures, you can provide additional layers of protection for your home and make it less vulnerable to burglars. CCTV systems and reinforced doors do have one benefit that anti-snap locks do not, and that is their visibility. Visible security solutions will work to prevent a break-in before it has even happened, and your property will look more secure when compared to others in the area.

A reputable team of locksmiths, such as Assist Locks, can help you to implement anti-snap locks into your home or commercial property as a part of a larger security system. We only use the highest-rated equipment so that you can have peace of mind, knowing that your home is secure.

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Upgrade Your Locks!

If you want to upgrade the security of your home or business, look into anti-snap locks and the benefits that they can bring to your property. Our team of qualified locksmiths can provide the level of service you need to improve your security, and we can even provide advice if that is all you need.

Don’t leave your home unprotected any longer. Speak with our team at Assist Locks today and upgrade your locks to the latest standard of anti-snap lock. We look forward to hearing from you!